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Posted on February 19, 2016

web-designerDustin Hoffman, creator of the web design tool, Recurse, is an incredible web designer and developer. Previously employed with Gymsurfing, The Hype Machine, and Booklamp, Dustin Hoffman has a rich background with web design. He has been quoted as, “One of the best web developers ever”. Hoffman serves as a full stack web developer, iOS app developer, graphic designer, and artist. He was born in California. Dustin spent five years in Ecuador and grew up in Boise. He attended the Meridian Technical Charter School. (A prep school solely for young engineers.) Dustin then moved to New York City, where he then decided to take on the role as the Front End Engineer for the Hype Machine. His position quickly became known as the world’s number 1 blog aggregator.

During his time at Hype Machine, Hoffman coded and created interfaces which are now used worldwide. This skilled developer works with Objective-C, Ruby, Javascript, Rails, Backbone, and MySQL. He has an excellent understanding of various programs including the following: Java, Python, Node.js in addition to his entire library of programs and tools for each of the programs listed above. The following international brands have recruited Dustin Hoffman to complete work for them including: Adidas, New York Rangers, Stella McCartney, Helmut Lang, Saturdays, Locu, and various others.

Hoffman helped create Gymsurfing. He was the CTO and Product Designer on the project. The Gymsurfing application served as a fitness app for travelers. This app allowed travelers to find discounts on day passes while on the road. Once they found a day pass they liked, they would then purchase it for as little as $5 per workout. Eventually, Dustin and his partners then sold the app to Fitmob in 2015. ClassPass then became a merger.

The Hype Machine, as mentioned previously, positioned Dustin as a Frontend Developer between November of 2010 and November of 2011. Hoffman worked with The Hype Machine and enjoyed every moment. He implemented new features which are now used each and every single day by millions of people. HE worked on developing the brand of Hype Machine. Hoffman also built test versions of new products for the company. He also worked as a web designer and developer for Booklamp. Hoffman was a website Engineer for Newmindspace in which he worked with Kevin Bracken. He did logistics and physical labor with the FIGMENT Project. He assisted the company with the setup as well as collection of art projects from all over the Toronto area in 2013. He was doing things such as driving scissor lifts to hanging enormous statues and sculptures.

Some of Dustin Hoffman’s top skills include the following: user interface design, ruby on rails, JavaScript, web design, Ruby, user experience, CSS, graphic design, MySQL, and Facebook API. A few of his other skills include: HTML, information architecture, backbone.js, user experience design, product development, amazon web series, SASS, API development, web content optimization, memcached, and Heroku.

Mr. Dustin Hoffman is the prime example of hard work and dedication leading you a webdesign1very long way. Dustin’s persistent and laborious attitude led him to success and getting the jobs he always wanted. He is the perfect role model for achieving your dream job by starting at the bottom and working extremely hard to get to where you want to be. There were most likely moments in his schooling and also in his career thus far when he likely wanted to give up. But because he did not give up, he has been able to work alongside various other talented individuals and achieve his dreams. Dustin Hoffman is the incredible creator of Recurse.

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